Skinbox is here

You’ve asked for it for months, I’ve refused for months – I’ve finally found a way to implement skinbox where it will NOT cause any lag.We’re using in-built skins only. Only the ones from the base game will be available. This stops the issue with workshop skins where if a player doesn’t have them downloaded. Rust forces the download at … Read More

BP Sync comes to EU Solo

    I’ve gone for it. it’s now trialling on EU Solo – but will be removed IF it causes any lag issues. This means you now have sync’d blueprints on EVERY server other than the EU/US 3x Solo/Duo/Trio We’d be seeing lag on player join as it updates their blueprints. So if you notice it please contact Nex#0001 on … Read More

Blueprint Sync

I thought it would be nice if we could encourage people to move between our servers even if they get raided or wanted to move to a higher gather rate – blueprints will now sync between the following servers: US SOLO 3X EU 2X DUO US 2X DUO US 5X TRIO EU 10X 6MAX This means you earn it on … Read More


One of the most asked for modifications to the shop system was adding coffins for use due to their large size. I’ve added it on all server for 10 P$ Enjoy

Summer Sale Referral Program

PRAISE GABEN! its the steam sale! And when our EU 3X Solo Duo Trio hits Max Cap later on today something fun will be happening I’m going to be giving out either 2 x $50 steam gift card to one of you so you can go absolutely HAM on that sale and buy whatever you want. To enter you need … Read More