New Server 2x Vanilla QoL

You've all been asking for it. So we've spent a good few hours getting this ready.

We've opened a WEEKLY 2x Vanilla with all the Quality of life improvements you've been asking for. First Official Opening Wipe will be 00:01am Saturday 20th July - It will be open for beta testing from now until then.

  • 2x Gather
  • 2x Scrap
  • 2x Loot
  • 2x Recycling Speed
  • Furnace Splitter for Everyone
  • No Teleporting
  • No Kits
  • Half Craft Speed on Everything
  • Better Stacking
  • Quick Smelting
  • Saturday Wipes
  • Day and Night Cycle
  • Weather
  • AI IS ON

Aside from that you KNOW we have our EPIC custom Anti-Hack on here 😀 1500 bans since March <3

Anything else you think is missing please do contact me and let me know Nex#0001 on Discord


Heres the connect info:


Click here for a direct connect

make sure Rust is closed if you're using the URL