Quality Of Life Overhaul

Upon the wipe tonight, lots of changes are coming to the server:

  • AI enabled on all servers
  • Weather enabled on all servers (More wind for your turbines)
  • Added a Death Marker for 30 seconds to show the general area where you died to the map
  • /trade is re-enabled
  • Removed Pipe Shotgun BP from the loot table (it's already in the /kit BP)
  • /shop points no longer wipe on normal wipes
  • Reduced the Hackable Crate Timer to 10 minutes from 15 minutes

Made loads of things stack to 5:

  • Armored Door
  • Double Armored Door
  • Garage Door
  • Key Lock
  • Sheet Metal Door
  • Double Sheet Metal Door
  • Metal Shopfront
  • Wooden Double Door
  • Wooden Single Door
  • Dropbox
  • Large Wooden Box
  • Small Wooden Box
  • Coffins