Paranoid has fast grown to be the biggest and best Modded Solo/Duo/Trio community around. What started as a tiny idea has become a mammoth project.

We all hate zergs and clans who don't roam in any less than 9000 members, our server is custom tailored to stop them in their tracks. Looking for something a bit different? Hit us up

We pay for the best when it comes to Hardware, Mods, and Protection. You don't have to worry about that salty hacker trying to take down the server with his $2 booter.

We are building a community you won't forget - the staff, just like you are community members. Selected from only the most dedicated players so you can trust they know what they're doing.

We have 100% custom mods on our servers, enabling us to give you access to unique features, exciting events, and unrivaled performance.

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Owner and Lead Server Admin

Player Support and Server Administration

Discord ID: Nex#0001
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our server probably you can find an answer in this section. We try update this section frequently.

Wipes are Server Specific! If it's forced/dev wipe, first Thursday of the month, it's on the update. After that it's every Monday and Friday at 00:01 Local Server Time.

Click on the region to see if it's midnight yet!

[EU 3x Trio: (Mon & Fri) France (GMT+2) ]
[EU 5x LowPop: (Mon & Fri) France (GMT+2)]
[EU 3x Solo: (Mon & Fri) UK (GMT+1)]
[EU Test Server: (When Needed) UK (GMT+1)]
[US 3x Trio & 3x Solo: (Mon & Fri) New York (GMT-5)]